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Writing a Best Seller

There are those that write because they are meant to write... because they have a story burning in their chest and brain and urging their fingers forward unrelentingly and there are those that write because they want to earn money.

For years, these two segments of the writing community were separated.   Like most artistic (and believe me, writing is artistic) endeavors, there will always be those "purists" that believe that getting paid for what they do, violates their ethics or cheapens their commitment.  I will say to you that it is my experience that those that surround themselves with lack, scarcity in the name of  art.. are people not getting paid to do what they love.

Unless you're writing about poverty and scarcity, there is no reason to be living it.

Yes. Those are harsh words.  True for me. True for many that will read it.  Some people will be pissed. They'll stop reading this post, they'll decide against taking any of the training that's offered on this site.  That's ok.  The training I offer is how to make money doing what you love, so if you don't believe you should get paid for doing what you love.. then you shouldn't read this anyway.

The real truth for many people is that they have told themselves a story about what is possible, instead of telling themselves the truth.

The truth is, they do not want to do what is required to succeed.

Take Network Marketing for instance.  Anyone can create excellent ongoing residual income through network marketing. Robert Kiyosaki, and hundreds of other business owners and entrepreneurs have said it, and are living it.  And yet, most people hear the Network Marketing compensation plans and say, "Oh, it's one of those pyramid schemes"  The whole entire truth is, that they don't want to do what needs to get done to build the network of business owners below them to create the income that they want.  They don't want to work hard for 5 -7 years to create the life of their dreams.


Writing is like that.  You can't write one book and expect, out of the blue, it's going to take off and be a best seller!  50 shades of grey is the exception to the rule, in self publishing.  Most self published authors write, write often, and write consistently and build their audience by either writing engaging series or providing top notch information & educational material.

Amazon Kindle makes that easier.  Makes it easier to self publish, makes it easier to nurture your reader base.  And, because everything is easier you will experience more freedom too.

Writing, A LOT will provide you with A LOT of different possibilities.

Enjoy your day.

Start it by writing... somethingk